BelPacific has over 60 years of grouting experience to perfect our methods of delivering innovative solutions for even the most technically challenging applications. Our extensive fleet of grouting equipment is capable of producing a wide range of volumes and pressures. This means that regardless of the size or scope of the project, we’ll have the right tool for the job. Our workforce is regularly trained in the latest technologies, tools, and techniques through our in-house training portal (link to We pride ourselves in having one of the most well-trained teams in the industry and strive to ensure that each new employee is better trained than the last. That’s why our clients can rely on us for having a knowledgeable and informative team and don’t have to sacrifice production speeds or the quality of the final product due to not having the right equipment for the job.

The Services We Offer:

  • Void filling/permeation
  • Compaction grouting
  • Consolidation grouting
  • Slurry walls

Types of Grouting Services that BelPacific Offers

Although it shares the same name as the stuff between the tiles in your bathroom, construction grouting is a separate substance with different applications. Construction grouting is a mixture of cement, sand, and water (or sometimes other chemicals) that is pumped into the ground to solidify or restrengthen an area. Grout is a versatile product in the construction industry but is primarily used when the ground needs to be addressed but there is limited ability to dig. Depending on the application at hand, there are several types of grouting that BelPacific will regularly use: compaction grouting, permeation grouting, and consolidation grouting. 

Compaction Grouting

Compaction grouting, or low-mobility grouting, is used to stabilize or level the ground in applications with loose soil with voids or sinkholes. For compaction grouting, BelPacific uses a thicker grout mixture to prevent seepage into the soil, and injects it into the ground slowly. As grout is injected, it creates a bulbous mass that expands outwards, displacing and compacting the soil. This shifts and raises the surface of the surrounding area, and is used to lift or level structures (such as roads, bridges, or foundations), fill voids and sinkholes, and strengthen the ground beneath a structure’s foundation.

Consolidation Grouting

Consolidation Grouting uses a slurry grout (medium viscosity grout) to fill voids and fissures in the land without significantly moving or shifting the surface. Rather than compacting the soil to make it more sturdy, like compaction grouting would, Consolidation grouting is used to fill voids, evacuate water, and strengthen the ground in rockier landscapes that aren’t compacted as easily. We’ll also use Slurry grout to create Slurry Walls, which are temporary walls that are made through consolidation grouting that are often used to strengthen and solidify the sidewalls of an excavation site.

Permeation Grouting

Permeation Grouting is somewhat similar in use to consolidation grouting, however, permeation grout is thinner and is used in situations where the ground is too fine for slurry grout to sink into. BelPacific will use Permeation grouting for water management, void filling, and strengthening land, and can be used to create slurry walls in some situations as well. We’re experts in permeation grouting, and we help our clients find the solution that best fits their needs.